Hate Camera Straps Like I do?

Never Put Up With Straps Again!

Then read on.

So the product I’m talking about is Peak Design’s Capture system (or clip, or whatever they call it).

SO if you’re like me, you HATE camera straps. There are some good straps around, but in the way I use my camera, they ALWAYS ended up getting in the way.

The straps that come with your camera, and all other straps (excluding professional-grade ones like Blackrapid) seem to have these problems inherent by design:

  • Doesn’t hold weight comfortably - I shoot with a Canon DSLR and HEAVY lenses. I like my neck the way it is, thank you very much.

  • Doesn’t hold weight stably - anything faster than a gentle sonder leads to the camera swinging everywhere. Lighter cameras swing faster and are annoying, while heavier cameras could bruise your sternum.

  • Don’t look professional - Regardless of what people will tell you, the way a photographer looks in front of clients is KEY to attracting repeat business, or more clients. As a wedding/portrait photographer myself, I can tell you this from first hand experience.

So the Capture System is literally a GODSEND, by solving all of these problems.

How? Well, the short answer is by not being a strap.

The longer answer is in the way it works:

So it looks like this.

The square piece screws onto the bottom of your camera (or binocular, lens, GoPro through different adapters) and the robot-head looking piece goes onto your belt, backpack strap, etc.

You then slide your camera into the clip system until you hear a satisfying click. Looking at the picture above, you would move the square piece downward, like putting on a helmet.

To get back your expensive camera from the iron clench of Mr. Robot, simply press on his “antenna” above his left eye, and he’ll let go.

For times where you want even more security, you can twist the same antenna and he’ll NEVER let go, Jack. No matter what. (Unlike some people)

You can even buy another one of their accessories that acts as a pad ( a PRO pad) and makes it even more comfortable. They’ve also got a smaller plate for smaller cameras, as well as one that’s compatible with Manfrotto tripods.

And since the clip is anchored usually to your belt (hip) or backpack (sternum), it solves the first two problems (less swinging around and discomfort).

This amazing black (or silver) chunk of machined glory $70 (TECHNICALLY 69.95). You can buy it from their website or on Amazon. Either way, you get a LIFETIME warranty, FREE shipping, and a 30 day return period if you don’t like being able to comfortably holster your camera.

So what are you waiting for? Everyday you’re not using this is another day of having to uncomfortably wield your camera and repel potential clients.

So in recap:

  1. Go to Amazon or Peak Design’s Website

  2. Choose what color (I’d go black as it blends with more camera bodies)

  3. Add to cart + pay

  4. IMMEDIATELY start shooting more comfortably and with more clients!

Order BEFORE Monday, December 17th, to make it in time for Christmas!


So what do you guys think? For the first product I chose something I’m very familiar with, and have purchased multiple copies of. It’s a quality product, and my rationale behind choosing it was that if it could help me, it could help others.


Changed around wording, title, etc. Got some great feedback, thanks!