One Day, One Punch A Time

You guys probably don’t know, but I love Ben Settle.

He is who I watch for most of my knowledge for learning copywriting, so you best believe whenever he drops a new book I cop it.

So when he dropped his new book and threw in 30+ free videos if you send him a receipt, I jumped on that.

In one of this videos he talks about how that consistency is key. He loves the Rocky movies and relates daily emails to punches:

Not every punch is going to be a knockout, but if you keep going in the ring you’ll win.

And I paused the video right there, and got straight to writing this very email you’re reading right now.

I’ve had a couple more signups to the list too (i have no clue, but welcome) and I really need to stick with this.

What daily actions are you guys doing to make progress towards your goals for this year?

Reply back to me, I’d love to hear it.