How To Take FIRE Insta Pics With The Phone In Your Hand

Put Down The DSLR, Pick Up Your Phone Instead

Do you want more Instagram likes on your pictures?

Of course you do. Who doesn’t?

So if you’re one of the 1 BILLION people using Instagram, listen up.

You can get stunning images and videos that will have EVERYONE stunned with your phone.

Leave the DSLR at home.

All you need is Moment: a US-based company with headquarters in Seattle.

Moment focuses on providing the absolute best products for mobile photographers and filmmakers.

Looking for lenses made out of AEROSPACE METAL and the SAME, hand-polished, glass used in 4k film lenses? But for your smart phone? They got it.

A battery case that extends shooting and makes shooting easier with a dedicated shutter button? Ditto.

Most people will want to get their hands on their new 58mm telephoto lens, PERFECT for portrait pictures.

Moment Lens Tele58 01

The glass inside has been redesigned to get the most out of new high end sensors from the newest smartphones. This means BOMB pictures that are sure to get a ton of likes.

And the products that they don’t produce in-house are sourced from other top brands in the industry: Peak Design, Topo Designs, Rhino, and RøDE just to name a few.

Literally everything that you usually see associated with bigger cameras, Moment has a production-level mobile phone counterpart.

Everything from gimbals (electronic stabilizers usually reserved for high-end video production), tripods, lighting, and grips.

They even have an app, that you can download for free that allows finer manual control of your camera. Pro features like controlling the bit rate of video and full RAW control can be unlocked buy upgrading for $4.99, or connecting a Moment battery case.

A new lens for your ca- I mean phone is the PERFECT GIFT for anyone looking to take their Insta game to the next level.

People love pictures of themselves, which is why the 58mm lens is still out of stock.

But don’t fret, order now with an estimated ship date of Dec 17-19!

Order NOW from Moment or Amazon to get it in time for Christmas. The two-day shipping cut-off is Dec 20 at 1 pm ET, so ACT FAST.


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