FINALLY: Travel When Your Heart Says Yes But Your Wallet Says No

So, I love traveling. Like a lot.

My passport got renewed to one of those new 10 year ones so now I’ve got a whole decade to fill up every page with stamps.

Problem is, flight tickets are a lot of money. UP FRONT.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could buy tickets, but on like, layaway?

Thanks to Airfordable, now you can.

So the entire process takes 3 steps:

  1. Screenshot flight details of ticket you want to buy

  2. Pay fraction upfront, and rest in installments

  3. Get ticket after last payment.

They don’t check credit scores, instead they charge a fee per ticket (there’s a calculator when you login) that you submit.

I’m heading out to Korea soon, and haven’t bought a ticket yet because the embassy lacking with my visa.

So seriously considering using this.

And after that… maybe Japan, Iceland, idk.

Where you heading out?