Double XP Weekend? COP THIS Then

“I’ve gotta prestige this weekend” you tell yourself on the way home from school.

Not only is it double XP weekend, but there’s no school Monday.

Thank you, MLK JR.

Everything has been scheduled perfectly to clear up this weekend.

Chores? Already done.

Homework? I’ll do that Monday.

You got your sister to bring your food upstairs in liquid form, and even bought adult diapers for the occasion.

The ONLY thing you’re waiting on …

Is for your dragonfruit punch.

You could care less what it’s made of, but all you know is that your energy and KD go up for about 6 hours when you drink it.

Plus, its zero calories so you’re winning IRL too ;)

And it’s cheap too: $35 works out to about 60 servings of delicious, KD raising, powder.

In other words,

Just enough for this weekend.

And no way I’m sharing this stuff.

Order your own!

If you can’t afford to buy a whole tub (Xbox Live is expensive huh?) right now, grab their samples.

If you can’t afford to pay shipping





Decided to have a little bit of fun with this one. Instead of the typical photo stuff I did, I took a more story driven copy approach. It’s a little less pitchy, was more fun to write (and I assume to read) and I feel is just as effective.