Don't Half Ass 9 Things, Be Double Pregnant In three

This is a quote I love from Gary Vee, but the concept isn’t new.

In fact, it’s especially more important considering there are so many things grabbing your attention these days.

It feels like you’ve got to be good at everything, just to be normal.

But if you spread your time equally among too many things…

you end up being mediocre in all of them.

The specialists in the world, the craftsmen, they don’t get there by following what’s trendy.

Nah - they ignore the bullshit and pick ONE thing.

A single skill.

Keep their head down and don’t look back up until its 5-10 years later.

I believe the internet accelerates this to maybe 6 months - 2 years, but the concept remains the same.

“Okay Nigel - you got me. What’s going to help me with that?”

A good old fashioned book.

It’s called Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport (great author, check out a bunch of his other stuff).

It talks about something I’m just realizing the power of, which is just simply being able to devote significant amounts of energy and time to a single process, skill, habit, etc.

We all have it in us: being able to finish an essay due tonight that you started this morning.

Now if we only were able to consistently use that energy - just imagine how much more successful we would be.

If you want that, check out his book on Amazon.

I’m off to bed now, going to try and practice his principles in what I call “deep sleep”.