Stop by and say hi at least :(

Well hello there.

I’m Nigel, and the sole reason I made this newsletter is to practice copywriting.

(For those that don’t what copywriting is, well http://bfy.tw/LNGO)

But before you go - here’s a couple reasons why you should stay.

  • I’m a college student with little experience and no clients - you have my full, only slightly divided attention. Message me about anything, and you’ll probably get a reply back (maybe).

  • If you’re looking to begin copywriting and want the perspective of a beginner who has no clue what they’re doing, use this newsletter to AVOID the expensive mistakes I’ll make.

  • I will regularly (too scared to commit to daily, maybe that’s my problem?) find a cool product online, and send out a letter acting like I’m trying to sell it to you. Good practice for me, you come across cool shit you wouldn’t have before. If there’s an affiliate link, I’ll use it because I’m in it for money.

  • It’s FREE - so why the hell not?

    So yeah and if THAT doesn’t convince you…

    I don’t know what will.

    So see you guys around,